Privacy policy

You are reading the privacy policy of Go Live Go Travel. There are situations where your personal information is collected by Go Live Go Travel. It is good for you to know what I do with this information and how you can express your wishes concerning your personal information. For this purpose this privacy policy is drafted.

Contact information

My website address is, for English: In case you have any questions, please contact me via:

What personal information is collected and how is this done?

Go Live Go Travel collects the following information from blog visitors:

  • Personal information that you fill in when you leave a comment on a blog post. This contains your name and email address. Also, every comment is automatically linked to an IP address. On my website, only your name and possibly your website will be visible. In case you use a Gravatar service, a profile picture will be publicly shown next to your comment. Your email address and IP address are only visible to me (as an administrator).
  • Information collected through Google Analytics with the use of analytical cookies. This contains the following: viewed pages or articles, session duration, the device you use and browser type. This information is anonymous and is not bound to your personal information.
  • Information collected through the plugin Jetpack. This contains number of visitors and viewed pages of articles.

Processing sensitive data

It is possible for a blog visitor under 16 years to leave a comment on my website. Based on the data I receive I cannot determine the age of every visitor. Therefore I recommend that parents monitor the online activities of their children in order to avoid the processing of data of children without parental consent. If you are convinced that I processed personal data of a minor without parental consent, please contact me via At your request I will delete this information.

Why does Go Live Go Travel collect this information?

The information you fill in when you leave a comment, I use to directly contact you when you ask me a question. Therefore I only use this information when you ask me to. I respect the confidentiality of this information and will not resell it to third parties.

I use Google Analytics for analytical purposes. I would like to know how many people visit my blog, from which countries my blog is visited and which articles are viewed. With this insight I can check the overall use of my website. I collect this information in Google Analytics. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) I implemented the following adjustments:

  • Go Live Go Travel has entered into a data processing agreement with Google;
  • All IP addresses are anonymized;
  • Google has no permission to share information from my Google Analytics account with third parties.

How long do I keep personal information?

  • Comments: I do not delete comments under my blog posts, unless they are hateful, discriminating or commercial reactions. This means that all comments, including the personal information provided by you, stay within my WordPress system. Do you wish to delete your comment? Send me an email via
  • Emails: emails with personal information such as your name or email address are filed on my email server. I store emails for a maximum of two years. The email of Go Live Go Travel is hosted by Antagonist. To make sure that your personal information is dealt with in a safe and secure manner, I made a data processing agreement with Antagonist.
  • Google Analytics: the information collected by Google Analytics are anonymous and not linked to your name or email address. This information is stored for a maximum period of 26 months. After this period it is automatically deleted.

Data sharing with third parties

Your privacy is important to me. Go Live Go Travel does not provide or sell your data to third parties, unless it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.

Website hosting

This website and email of Go Live Go Travel is hosted by Antagonist. To ensure that your data is safe, I entered into a data processing agreement with Antagonist.


Every now and then I add a link in an article to other websites than Go Live Go Travel. I do this to help my readers with relevant information. These websites have their own privacy and cookie policies. I am not accountable for the way they deal with personal information.


Go Live Go Travel collects two types of cookies: functional cookies and analytical cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data, formatted in text files, that are stored after you visit my website on your computer, tablet or smartphone. They contain information about your visitor behavior. You can avoid storing cookies by adjusting the settings of your internet browser and deleting the cookies you have collected through your browser settings.

Embedded content of other websites

On my website you will sometimes see Youtube videos, for instance travel videos I have made of my trips. This is embedded content of other websites. These websites could collect data about your interaction with the embedded content through cookies.

Affiliate links

I have placed a few affiliate links on my website. An example is accommodation affiliate links. If you book an accommodation through these links, I receive a small commission. You pay nothing extra for this.

What are your rights?

You have the rights to consult your personal information, recorded and stored by Go Live Go Travel, at any time. Is your information incorrect, is it changed or do you wish that your information is no longer stored in my system? You have the right to rectification, modification and deletion of data. You can send me an email via My aim is to respond to your request within four weeks.


This website is secured using an SSL certificate. This means that your connection with Go Live Go Travel is private. You can recognize this certificate by the green lock in front of the url. Moreover, my WordPress system is secured using a two-step verification process. This means that logging in not only requires a password, but also a unique access code.


In case you have a complaint about the way I record and store your personal information, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Go Live Go Travel reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any given moment.