I saw this tag on the blog of Chantal and Karlijn and I thought to myself, this is a nice oppertunity to tell a little bit more about the person behind Go Live Go Travel. Who is Esther and what motivates her to travel? Moreover, it looked like a fun challenge for me to write this tag. I like so many things! Hard to make choices… I did my best and below you can read the results.

1. Sun holiday / wintersports

An easy choice: SUN! Though I’ve never been on a winter holiday, I just got the feeling that this is not for me. A couple of years ago I took a lesson snowboarding and I fell a thousand times. So I threw the snowboard aside and got myself some hot chocolate. Moreover, I’m a real shivery person. I always got my slippers next to the couch, a shawl within reach and tissues ready to go. So a holiday in the snow is not really something for me.

2. Holiday on the coast / holiday inland

A holiday on the coast is very nice. Enjoying the beach, the wind and the water. But this should not take more than a couple of days. Three days on the coast is more than enough for me. So I rather choose the holiday inland. Old cities, charming villages, impressive churches / mosques / temples, I could just keep staring at it for hours! Moreover, the inland gives a better look inside local daily life.


3. European food / Asian food

This is a hard question. I love pasta and pizza and would easily travel for this to Italy (food heaven for veggies). Italians make the best sauces, a true delight! On the other hand I also like spicy Asian dishes. Especially the Indian curry, a mouth watering dish. Asia is calling me! And I don’t have to wait too long. In just two weeks I’m traveling to Thailand and Cambodia. Looking forward to tasting all the Thai dishes.

4. Travel with friends / travel with partner

I really love traveling with my partner. He’s really become my travel companion over the last six years. He knows what I like to see (local culture) and I know what he likes to see (adventure) and we give each other space to do this. I like discovering new places with him and in retrospect reminiscing together on the couch with some wine. Moreover, I’m seriously lost without him, because I cannot read a map. I get lost everywhere! And so he navigates me through a new city.

5. Active holiday / lazy holiday

I find lazy holidays a waste of time.  Why traveling to Turkey just to sit around a pool? You could also do this at home, at your local pool. But hey, do what you like. I think every country has something to offer and I like to take the time so see, to learn and to disover it all. So yes, I choose an active holiday.

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6. Asia / Africa

I’ve never been to both continents (I regard Russia and Turkey as Europe). But if I have to make a choice, I choose Asia. Africa doesn’t really appeal to me, with the exception of North-Africa (Morocco, Egypt) and South-Africa. But I really have a strong desire to discover Asia. The temples of Thailand and Myanmar, the mountains of China and the culture of Japan. I can’t wait to take it all in.

7. Barcelona / Rome

Two fantastic cities, of which I’ve only been to Barcelona. I consider Barcelona an art city, especially because the works of Gaudí. Amazing to see, but in the end I’m a real history geek. So I choose Rome. This city is known for its historical sites and ruins. This is my kind of city and I should really visit it soon.

Barcelona spanje

8. Three weeks camping / one week in luxery hotel

Anything except for camping. I get why people like to camp. You’re outdoors, close to nature, easy contact with your neighbors and the freedom to go wherever you want to go. Still this is not for me. This is what I see when I think of camping: waking up by the burning sun, walking to the wash-room with a toilet roll under my arm, tripping over guy-ropes, fighting over setting up the tent… Believe me, I’ve camped several times in my life, so I know this is not a holiday for me. If I have to choose, I choose luxery hotel.

9. Citytrip / nature holiday

Although I like vast landscapes, nature and serenity, I choose citytrip. Due to my allergies, a nature holiday is bound to go wrong. A new city gives the oppertunity to disover its many sides: culture, architecture, nice restaurants and special places.

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10. A journey around the world / seeing the world several times

The term ‘journey around the world’ creates some nice images in my head. It means really going away and not have to think about the trouble at work or with money. Still I choose seeing the world several times. I like to rejoice myself at a new destination, come back, look at the pictures and then choose a new destination. Also I can really enjoy the anticipatory pleasure. With a cup of tea browsing through travel guides, reading blogs and watching movies. A nice way to spend a sunday afternoon!

11. Not traveling anymore / not seeing your friends anymore

Whoops… this is going to be a tough answer. Traveling makes me happy. I live for travel, I save up money to travel and I enjoy life when I’m traveling. A life without traveling? That’s an unhappy life for me. That’s why I rather choose to not see my friends anymore than to not travel anymore.

12. Travel by car / travel by plane

Traveling by plane is a relaxing way to arrive at a new destination. A seat near to the window, order a glass of wine and watch a movie, and so the hours will pass. Traveling by car only gives me stress. Either I get lost or I completely stress out because I’m driving through a busy city.

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13. Backpacking / cruise

Both are unfamiliar to me, but I do have a strong preference: backpacking. I think it is an adventurous way to travel where I might end up at places I would else never have been. But I’m not thrilled about that big backpack on my back… As far as the cruise goes, I don’t think this is something for me. The only advantage I can think of is that going on a cruise gives you the oppertunity to visit multiple cities in a short period of time. Besides that, I don’t think life on a big ship is that interesting.

14. Arrange everything / travel without pattern

Someday I want to travel without a pattern for a period of four months. Until then I have to make my ways with my annual leave. Because of this I can only take up three to four weeks in a row. This is a short period of time and I like to make the most of it. Because I usually have a certain route in mind, I rather arrange everything. This way I could spend more time at my destination to things I like.

15. Roadtrip / staying in one place

Roadtrip off course! That’s obvious, right? Nothing is worse than staying in one place for more than two weeks. There is so much more to see! I just want to see as many as I can to get a good impression of the country I’m visiting.

So, I think it’s now a bit more clear who Esther is and what motivates her. I’m curious what you think of my choices and what you would choose. Let me know!


"Don't let your dreams be dreams. Go live your dreams. Go travel".

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