A new year, new plans. Because with every year-ending there are recaps and previews. The first one I already covered in this post. Now it’s time for the preview for this year. Where is 2015 going to take me? Some things I let fate decide (or my spontaneity), but for the most part I will decide. These are the travel goals for 2015.

#1 Visiting at least 1 Eastern European country

You might have noticed that I have a love for Eastern Europe and Russia. Which is also obvious, because I studied Eastern European Studies. I decided not to let this love go to waste. Because I’ve got te be quite frank with you, I haven’t seen that much of Eastern Europe. Shame on me! That’s why my goal for 2015 is visiting at least one country in Eastern Europe.

Rusland novgorod

# 2 A summer roadtrip through Europe

When I think of a roadtrip I think of ultimate freedom. Far away from the tourists, the main attractions and large crowds. Just you, the car and wherever the road takes you. This year I’m going to make my first roadtrip ever. We’re thinking of Central Europe, and in specific Croatia and Bosnia. Countries I’ve always heard such a great stories about and are on my wishlist for far too long.

# 3 Back to Asia

Last september it finally happened, for the first time I traveled to Asia. Along with my boyfriend I traveled through Thailand and Cambodia and we had the best time of our lives. The posts on this continent are far from finished. Asia is such a divers continent, Thailand and Cambodia are only a small fraction. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest might have noticed which Asian country is next. It’s China! It’s going to be a hell of a job to decide which route we are going to take. There’s so much to see, from classical hutongs to the rice terrace and karst mountains. It’s going to be a challenge, but one I’m up for. Get in the mood with me and check out my Pinterest board on China.

Chian Pinterest

#4 Combining traveling with volunteering

For me traveling is working on my personal development. Learning about new cultures, getting lost and here and there falling for a scam. Those are all learning experiences for me. And I’d like to give back to traveling and to the countries I visit. The countries who gave me such a great memories and experiences. That’s why I want to do some volunteering. Last year I visited a local project in Cambodia that helped streetkids in need. This definitely inspired me. Traveling is not just about visiting the highlights. It’s also about getting to know a country, getting to know its people and help wherever you can.


#5 Saving for a long journey

My travels take up to a maximum of 3 weeks. Longer is not possible because of work conditions. But recent developments made this change and perhaps I could go on a long journey. A trip to the unknown for one month, two or perhaps more? Oh.. I’m already excited! But first we have to save up enough money. We already set a goal in our minds, so hopefully we get there.

What are your travel goals for 2015?


"Don't let your dreams be dreams. Go live your dreams. Go travel".

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