Happy New Year!


Let’s make the best of 2015! I’m starting my year with a clean and fresh look, because today I’m launching the new and improved Golivegotravel.nl. A new year, a new look.

As I wrote in my Travel wrap-up of 2014 I’ve been pretty busy with creating a new lay-out. My previous theme was Twenty Fourteen, the standard theme of WordPress in 2014. It’s a nice theme, but as time went on I started to get more and more irritated. I wanted more and the theme couldn’t do more. Golivegotravel is a growing blog, so it was time for a new look. A few weeks ago I bought a theme I liked and installed it. And with a new theme comes new ambitions. I wanted a good navigation, a ‘Destinations’ page and I wanted to rewrite some of my old articles. All to start 2015 with a new and improved blog. I’m ambitious and so is my blog. Today is the day of the launch. Out with the old, in with the beautiful!

layout go live go travel

Yes! Everytime I see my new blog, I’m so happy. That’s the way it should be, right? Okay, there were a few moment of blood, sweat and tears, but in the end it was all worth it.  I’m so proud of my new look. Let’s take a look around, shall we?


New element

In the past I’ve focused on long journeys, citytrips and getaways, but I would like to add a new subject to the mix: the gems, more specific the ‘undervalued gems’. The destinations you won’t think of, and would rather pass by. I’ve got a weak spot for these destinations. In the past I’ve visited Russia, this year I’m planning to travel to Poland, and who knows what’s next. Perhaps Georgia or Transsylvania? I just like the misunderstood countries. The cultures that seems harsh and unfriendly, but once you get passed that you’re welcomed with open arms.

Hotspots & Gems

Sometimes you write articles that deserve more attention than others. A place, a spot or a destinations that impressed you so much that you simply cannot get it out of your head. Those places are gems. I decided to gather these gems in a new category, which you can find in the primary menu. Are you just as impressed as I am?

hotspot go live go travel


Curious which countries I visited, but couldn’t find out? There’s a solution: the Destinations page. Per continent I listed the countries and cities I’ve visited, all accompanied by a clear map with the countries I visited. How to navigate to this page? Simple. Just click the destination button in the primary menu or click on the ‘Where I’ve traveled’-text in the sidebar.

bestemming go live go travel

What do you think?

I absolutely can’t wait to hear your feedback! Just look around and let me know what you think, okay? I can’t wait to fill up this gorgeous new home with my travel stories.



"Don't let your dreams be dreams. Go live your dreams. Go travel".

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