Chernivtsi. Another place I – and probably you too – have never heard of it. And actually wasn’t planning on visiting. That was until one of my fellow Ukrainian volunteers convinced me to go there. She originally came from this town and was totally in love with it. It made me hesitate. Maybe this town was something I didn’t want to miss. So I decided to go. After all, it was on my way back to Lviv so it was no extra trouble.

Around 2 in the afternoon my bus from Kamianets-Podilsky arrived in Chernivtsi. I had six hours to explore this city, because my train to Lviv wasn’t leaving until late in the evening. And so my stopover in Chernivtsi began. First stop: the pedestrian street Olha Kobylyahska. One of the most charming areas in Chernivtsi, simply because for the first time in weeks there were no honking cars around me. Quietness at last. And so I made my way along the beautiful facades, saw several brides getting their picture taken, came across a gigantic pink church and ate chocolate at the Lviv Chocolate Factory. I had already seen this chain two times outside Lviv and hey, I cannot say no to chocolate (who can?).

Main street Chernivtsi

Pink Church Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi-brides ukraine

Chernivtsi streets

I decided to leave the main street and explore the back alleys. Sometimes these streets are even better than the popular areas, which was also the case in Chernivtsi. I saw some great street art pieces, spotted several Ladas and wandered through charming cobble stone streets. I also saw another striking church that almost looked like a melted candle. Locals call it the ‘drunken church’, which you will understand as soon as you look at the picture below.

From the back alleys I circled my way to the pride of Chernivtsi: the university. Or actually the pride of my fellow Ukrainian volunteer, because she advised me to go here. I actually didn’t expect much of it. I mean how interesting could a university be. I was wrong, luckily. The university almost looked like a classy British school, but with a slight touch of Eastern Europe with the domes on top. Sadly I got there after opening hours, so I couldn’t take a look inside.

Chernivtsi streets Ukraine

Street art Ukraine Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi streets

Chernivtsi streetscene Ukraine

university chernivtsi

And that was it! That evening I took the train back to Lviv where my adventures in Ukraine came to an end. Now, one and a half month later, I look back on my time in Ukraine with positive memories. I met so many great people, laughed, shared stories and discovered places I had never heard of. One of those places is Chernivtsi, and I’m glad I got to see it.

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And what do you think of Chernivtsi?


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