Planning a trip to Romania and do you love to see street art? Then Romania will not disappoint, because street art can be found in almost all major Romanian cities. Bucharest takes the cake with more than 50 (!) street art works. In this blog post, I will show you 5 locations in Bucharest where you are guaranteed to find beautiful street art. I put the addresses in a logical order, so that you follow them in one single route. Happy hunting!

Project Un-hidden Bucharest

Why is there so much street art in Bucharest? Well, we can thank the organization Save or Cancel for this rich collection. In 2017 they started the project ‘Un-hidden Bucharest’, with the aim of discovering the city through art and at the same time sharing the story of Bucharest. Street art has been part of the city since 1989, when graffiti was a revolutionary means to express anger about the communist government. Pay a visit to Piata 21 Decembrie 1989 and see if you can still find some of the revolutionary graffiti. However, most of it was immediately painted over with white color.

Very typical for the street art in Bucharest: it is quite hidden sometimes. If you don’t pay enough attention, you can easily miss it. Something you might have guessed by the project name: Un-hidden Bucharest. Unhide the hidden. A perfect example is the mini ceramic faces of artist J.Ace. There are many faces placed on walls in the city center, but they are super tricky to find.

5 great locations in Bucharest to find street art

1. Strada Arthur Verona

This is a great place to start, because you can immediately check off about 10 street art works in one street. Start at the Carturesti Verona bookstore (in itself a great place to visit), and walk down the street. Admittedly, there is a lot of graffiti to be seen here, but I promise you there is also good quality works. The best street art works can be found between the Arthur Verona Museum and the Street Delivery cafe.

Boekarest street art

2. Point

Continue walking on Strada Arthur Verona, walk past Park Gradina Icoanei (on your right) and turn left to Strada General Eremia Grigorescu. Stop at number 10 to see the beautiful mural of the Sweet Damage Crew. The location is very fitting, as this is a cultural event location called Point.

Address: Strada General Eremia Grigorescu 10

Boekarest street art

3. Lente

Continue on Strada General Eremia Grigorescu, make a U-turn to the left and continue on Dionisie Lupu (parallel street to Grigorescu). At number 78 you will find restaurant & art center Lente, located in a beautiful historic building. Lente is all about experimenting, with art and food. For example, if you come for a bite to eat on a Wednesday and order a burger, you can instruct the kitchen on what your perfect burger looks like. As for street art, you can find some cool works in the garden and at the entrance.

Address: Strada Dionisie Lupu 78

4. Creart

Walk back in the direction you came from until you reach roundabout Piata Alexandru Lahovari. Look for the entrance to the Creart theater, because there is a beautiful mural that is hidden in their courtyard. It’s quite difficult to find, because the theater has no entrance sign. Look for the white ‘Optica’ sign and spot the blue and pink doors. Please note: this is private property, so don’t just rush in. Ask first if you can see the mural in the garden.

Address: Piata Alexandru Lahovari 7

Bucharest street art

5. Fabrica

The last stop on this route is a bit further away, but once you get here you can celebrate your street art adventure with a drink or some food. I am talking about Fabrica Club, the most hipster place in all of Bucharest. This former sock factory has been transformed into a buzzing outdoor area with cafes, restaurants, and shops. The walls are covered with street art. See if you can find the ‘Here’s Johnny!’ piece. For readers who have been to LX Factory in Lisbon, this place looks quite similar but smaller.   

Address: Strada 11 Iunie 50

Boekarest street art

On the way to Fabrica, I also came across two other beautiful murals. The first one is a beautiful broad blue painting of a number of birds, made by the Urban Collectors. The second is one of my favorites. It is a huge colorful mural created by the Spanish artist Okudart. After reading up on this mural, I learned that the artist wanted to thank two former Spanish diplomats in Romania for helping Jews in World War II. Not a message I would have guessed looking at the mural, but it is still a stunning piece.

Addresses: Urban Collectors: intersection of Intrarea Ovidiu and Strata 11 Iunie, near the Parcul Carol I stop. Okudart: Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir 8        

Boekarest street art
Bucharest street art

Useful links with online maps

Want to see more street art in Bucharest? You can find detailed street art maps on these websites:

  • Street Art Cities: street art map of Bucharest with more than 50 street art works.
  • Un-Hidden via Feeder: the project itself has also created a Google Maps with addresses of street art in Bucharest and other Romanian cities.     

Do you like to hunt for street art during your travels?


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