Last week I spent a few days in Poland. I visited three cities in a week time. And I must say, I love Eastern Europe. This trip only makes me want to see more of this beautiful part of Europe. The Polish cities are so charming, so characteristic and so cozy. And on top of that, it’s filled with lovely bistros and cafes. Places where you can easily spend a couple of hours soaking up the vibe. My personal favorite was the city of Poznan where you can visit the most charming ones. Here are the three hotspots I loved the most.

Weranda Caffe

My absolute number one, the Weranda Caffe. Thanks to Pinterest I discovered this cafe which drew my attention because of the interior. The ceiling is filled with countless decorations which symbolize the changing seasons. In spring it’s brightly colored and overtly green, in fall it’s dominated by golden brown colors. Each time you visit Weranda you’ll be surprised. Luckily I discovered that this spot was only a few minutes away from the place where I was staying.  So on my first day I headed over there and sat down for a good lunch. And Weranda did not disappoint me. Along with a great selection of tea you can come here for some nice salads and delicious grilled sandwiches. But it’s not only the food that makes this place great, it’s also the unique look. The ceiling, the fresh flowers and the wooden furniture. It gives you that relaxed backyard feeling, exactly how the owners envisioned it. That’s why the name ‘Weranda’ means porch or veranda. I absolutely loved this place!

Weranda Caffe Poznan

ul. Świętosławska 10

Minister Cafe

Another great spot is the Minister Cafe. Again ‘travel buddy’ Pinterest showed me this hotspot and its unique interior. Minister Cafe is the perfect place to sit down for some coffee and a big piece of cake. Maybe it’s a bit hard to find (all tucked away in an alley), but once you’re inside it’s definitely worth it. The interior is nice and cool and is mainly dominated by the colors white and brown. And oh, don’t forget about the huge mural. A somewhat nineteenth century nobleman that made a living as a minister, which is something that is being mocked in this cafe. After all, this man is not that special. Anyone can be a minister, like the staff is showing on the picture gallery in the hall. It’s quite amusing. Definitely a nice place to stop by when you’re taking a noon stroll through Poznan.

Minister Cafe Poznan

Franciszka Ratajcszaka 34 No website available.

Lavenda Cafe

We discovered this spot by accident on a rainy morning. Looking for some breakfast we spotted a couple of guys bringing some fresh mint and oranges inside this cafe. We didn’t hesitate for long and followed the men inside. Here we saw the most sweet and lovely interior of all Poznan. Soft couches, white colors and little wooden birds and cages up on the wall. It literally was an interior straight out of an interior magazine. I loved it so much, the next morning I came back for some more breakfast.

Wodna 3/4

Which hotspots in Poznan would you like to add to this list?


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