Food trucks are hot! When I’m traveling I often come across them. Old RV’s turned into mobile kitchens on wheels. Also Holland has caught up with this trend. This year food truck festivals are all around. I would love to go to each and everyone, but sadly my bank account thinks otherwise. And so I picked one: the Food Truck Festival TREK at the Vroesenpark in Rotterdam. The picnic atmosphere immediately drew my attention. Curious what it looked like? Keep on reading.

The sun was shining, no wind and the sky was clear blue. I couldn’t have picked a better day to go to a food festival. Moreover, the location was perfect: a green city park closeby Central Station in Rotterdam. Even better than the location was the atmosphere. A happy buzzing crowd, colorful picnic rugs everywhere and a menu filled with delicious options. It was hard to choose what to taste first, even for a vegetarian. You can go for a spicy vegetarian wrap or a cocosball with white chocolate or rum. Mmmm! Alongside the food you can also enjoy some live music, or listen to old 60’s and 70’s hits from the ‘Witte Snor’ (White Moustache).

Food truck festival Trek Rotterdam

Food truck festival trek rotterdam

O, and did I mention the lovely food trucks already? They’re amazing and available in any size! I saw the cutest tiny little RV’s, but also extended trucks with a roof top terrace. Anything goes. Take for instance the baby blue ice minibus you see below. When I saw this, I instantly got a roadtrip feeling. I could already see myself cruising into the unknown. Maybe someday…

Food festival Trek Rotterdam

Food festival Trek Rotterdam

food festival Rotterdam


Have you been to the Food Truck Festival TREK?


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