The Ukrainian girls thought I was interesting. Firstly, because of my hair color. It was truly special that Mother Nature gave this to me and not the hairdresser. And secondly because of my non-marital status, and that with my age. At the time I was only in my mid-twenties, but in Ukraine (and most other Eastern European countries) this means that you’re probably married and well on your way to your second baby. And when I told them I was in relationship for over seven years and was living together, the shock was complete. For them it was difficult to understand how I could live like that.

Marriage is pretty big thing in Ukraine. Every Saturday the young newlyweds go into the city to take their wedding pictures. A pose here, a turn there and they’re off to the next photo stop. Originally this tradition started to honor the national heritage, but it seems nowadays couples are more busy with finding the most romantic spots to take their photo. And they do almost everything to get the perfect shot. They even pull out some funny heads and moustaches to give the picture something extra. For a tourist it’s a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And be sure to take some pictures, just like I did.

Oekraine bruiden

Oekraine bruiden

Oekraine bruiden

Photo credits also go to Gamze Yuksel for taking some awesome pictures.

Did you ever see this kind of tradition in Eastern Europe or somewhere else?


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