I’m a fan of street art. I just feel that it is so impressive what some people can do with a little bit of a wall and some paint. They turn dark corners into funny stories or serious skitches on worldly issues. Street art can give a whole neighborhood a fresh new start, which was exactly what happened to Shoreditch. In this blog post, I will share more information about where to find street art in and around Shoreditch. Please keep in mind that street art is always changing. Some pieces may have been painted over and new ones appear every day. This blog post is meant to give you an idea of the creative vibe of Shoreditch.

Short history Shoreditch

Shoreditch used to be a run-down area in North East London. You know, a kind of place you don’t go to after dark, because you might risk getting robbed or worse. But all of that changed when street artists discovered the empty walls. In their eyes, it was a perfect place to experiment with art, murals, and graffiti. That’s how things started to snowball. Local artist groups bought the warehouses and turned it into art galleries and snazzy cafes opened up. It didn’t take long before Shoreditch turned into a buzzing and arty neighborhood. It is hip and happening. Today, it’s thé place to be in London where the young people relax on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Shoreditch Londen ROA

Bricklane Street

Shoreditch is the perfect combination of street art and street food. Grab some falafel or Pad Thai and go explore great street art. From murals to smaller art pieces, this area offers so much variety when it comes to street art. Shoreditch is also a good place to spot works of a number of famous street art artists. Take for instance the Belgian artist ROA. You can find his work on Bricklane Street (technically not part of Shoreditch, but worth a visit!). You probably need to do some searching, because it’s pretty hidden. However, the search is also part of the fun. Each time I circled back, I saw new things I didn’t notice before.

Shoreditch Londen streetart

Shoreditch Streetart Londen

Hanbury & Peddle Street

Don’t forget the side and back streets. You can find some good street art in Hanbury Street and Pedley Street. And every day new works are created. I personally like satirical street art. Take for instance the picture of the man with the text ‘Dope’ on its head. The sign in front of it tells you: ‘The all world is going bazerk and all you can say is… [dope].’ Yes, that kind of sums up the world we’re living it.

Shoreditch Streetart Londen

Shoreditch London

Shoreditch London

Oh.. there’s so much more street art to find in Shoreditch! Unfortunately, I had a plane to catch. Until next time London!

And there you have it: a Shoreditch street art mini-guide. Have you ever been to Shoreditch?

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