If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the pictures. Last month I spent a weekend in lovely London. Despite the chilly weather, it was a great weekend full with delicious food, great spots and nice people. My head is full of blog post ideas, so the upcoming weeks this blog is UK-themed. Today is the kick-off with one of the most nicest neighbourhoods in London: Notting Hill. Known from the similar movie ‘Notting Hill’ with the popular actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. But in reality Notting Hill is much more fun. It’s a perfect mix between high end and shabby chic.

Pastel colored houses

Of course you’ll start your weekend in London with visiting the Big Ben, strolling down to Buckingham Palace and taking a picture with an English bobby. Yes, also I did this touristy stuff (and soon I’ll post a brief weekend guide on it). But once you’ve checked this off your list, you must also spend an afternoon at one the nicest areas of London: Notting Hill. A neighbourhood that instantly brings a smile of your face. From the houses, to the parks and the people, everything is so nice and charming. The soft pastel and the Victorian building style definitely contributes to this vibe. It’s thé perfect area for wandering around and taking a sudden left or a right now and then. You’ll be suprised by the range of colors you will see.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Portobello Road Market

Saturday morning in Notting Hill can only mean one thing: Portobello Road Market. Everyone knows that. Okay, not everyone, because we didn’t know. Maybe we were not as well prepared as we thought, maybe we were a bit naïf. It doesn’t matter, because Portobello Road Market turned out to be the best surprise of that day. Actually there is no way we could have missed it: Portobello Road is the heart of Notting Hill. Along this road a dozen of stalls are lined up next to each other and the main thing they’re selling is antique. Portobello Road Market is in fact the largest antiquity market in the world. So start browsing around the silverware, the old cameras and the handmade souvenirs. For instance I saw some great old suitcases and vintage world maps that are to die for. But antiquities is not the only thing you will find at this market. Also streetfood is a great part of the Portobello Road Market. A simple snack like a falafel with hummus or Chips on a Stick is easily found. Yes, I said Chips on a Stick, a cute variation on the traditional Fish & Chips in a newspaper. The last part of the market mainly consists of vintage clothing. So if you’re into that, you can eat your heart out.

Portobello Road Market Notting Hill

Portobello Road Market Notting Hill

Interested in going to Notting Hill? Just take the subway (Central Line, District Line or Circle Line) and get out at Notting Hill Gate. Walk up the stairs and follow the signs ‘Portobello Road Market’. If you go there on a saturday, then you might as well follow the crowd. Eventually we are all going to the same thing: the market.

Have you ever been to Notting Hill?


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