It’s noon and we’re wandering through London. Our bellies are starting to make more and more rumbling noises. It’s time for a pitstop. This time we don’t want to eat in a dusty pub with a touristy crowd. That cold hamburger I ate at that expensive restaurant is still stuck in my mind. No, we want something fresh. Something green, nice and yummy. And what better place to find this is at a food market. Luckily London has tons of food markets. And every market has it’s own little niche. I discovered them one by one.

Borough Market

One of the most well-known markets of London is Borough Market, a food market of the highest level. At first it reminded me of a typical American famers market. Fresh fish, colorful fruits and tons of healty grass juices. This market is full of natural and organic food. But if you take a better look, you will start to see the unhealthy snacks like chocolate and home-made cookies. Borough Market exists for over a 1.000 years and is one of the oldest food markets of London. The atmosphere of this market is undescribable. Tugged away under an old bridge a buzzing crowd finds it way along the stalls where the vendors do their best to let the customers taste their delicious products. Really grab this opportunity to try the food, because it’s all high standard and is checked by experts. But like so many sights, once it gets popular, the prices go up. And so Borough Market is quite expensive nowadays. Still it’s a great scenery for every travel photographer.

Borough Market Londen

Borough Market Londen

Borough Market is opened from wednesday to sunday.

Old Spitalfields Market

Are you looking for a food market with that little bit of class, then go to Old Spitalfields Market. Inside the walls of an old Victorian building the two worlds of vintage and food meet each other. On the one side you’ll see amazing hand-made jewelry, custom-made shawls and a great collection of old records. On the other side this market also represents any kitchen in the world. Whatever you like, it’s there. Also Old Spitalfields Market has a different theme every day. On fridays it’s fashion & art day and on sundays the upcoming artists show their designs.

Old Spitalfield Market Londen

Old Spitalfield Market Londen

Old Spitalfields Market is opened seven days a week and is a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Station.

Sunday Upmarket

The Sunday Upmarket in the most creative market of them all. Inside the walls of an old beerbrewery factory new upcoming talents sell their newest clothing or art designs. This market is a lot more snazzy than the nearby Old Spitalfields Market. But don’t worry, you can also come here for some great streetfood. Morocco, India, Japan, Turkey, all kitchens of the world are represented in this little factory. And sometimes the kitchens are even put together. Take for instance the ‘Roti Roll’, a cute combination between the Indian and Turkish kitchen.

Sunday Up Market Londen

Obviously the Sunday Upmarket is only opened on sundays. It’s a 7 minute walk from the Liverpool Station.

Bricklane Market

Rough, alternative and not always making sense. That is Bricklane Market. Hippies dancing on the street, musicians playing their new tunes and a large crowd eating and looking at this from the curb. It’s an untamed food market. Anything and everything mixed together. For instance, the Moroccan shoe vendor stands next to a trendy espresso car. And the weird thing is, it works. It’s that strange combination that makes a walk down Bricklane Market so interesting.

Bricklane Market Londen

Bricklane Market is only opened on sundays and is the central market at Shoreditch.

Portobello Road Market

And to finish this foodmarket tour: Portobello Road Market, the food market I mentioned earlier in my post on Notting Hill. This market kind of looks like Old Spitalfields Market, except for the fact that Portobello Road Market is situated outside on the street. Moreover, the background of the pastel colored houses makes this market exceptional.

Notting Hill London

Portobello Road Market is only opened on saturdays. Just take the subway and get off at ‘Notting Hill Gate’.

Have you already been to one of these foodmarkets in London?


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