I wanted to write an article about New Year’s in Berlin, but when I looked over my pictures I discovered I did not take a whole lot of pictures. Probably I was just out enjoying myself, drinking eggnog, eating a ‘berlinerbol’ and welcoming a new year into our lives. Oh well. It’s okay, because now I can write about one of my favorite things to do in Berlin: eating! Yes, I ate a lot during my weekend there. This city has so many cheap cafes where you can order almost anything you want. In this article a small summary of my favorite cafes.

Breakfast at Ungeheuer

Our apartment was located in the area of Neukölln. A multicultural area that doesn’t offer that much besides the old airport Tempelhof. Luckily our AirBnb host wrote down some good tips to experience the best Neukölln has to offer. Tip number one was eating breakfast at Ungeheuer. A cafe that was located across our apartment and we simply couldn’t ignore. New Year’s morning was the perfect moment to get some breakfast there. And we weren’t disappointed at all. We each got a big plate filled with the most delicious cheese, cream and salads and a basket with warm bread. Wow! I have never had such a delicious breakfast in my life. Ever! We enjoyed it so much that we had another breakfast there on our last day in Berlin. I highly recommend this place!

Ungeheuer Berlin

Lunch at Aunt Benny

I read about Aunt Benny on the Dutch travel blog Eighthy7.nl. The pictures immediately drew my attention so I went there on my second day in Berlin. The cafe is situated in a quiet part of Friedrichshain. You won’t come across it that easily. Still, Aunt Benny is well-known in Berlin and it’s always busy. The cafe is run by two Canadian owners and the menu is a mix of the northern American and the German cuisine. And speaking about the menu: it’s written out on a big black chalkboard behind the counter. It definitely looks nice, but it’s not always very practical. For example it’s not that easy to read because it’s handwritten. Still what I ordered did look nice and tasted delicious: a vegetable quiche and a small salad. A nice late afternoon snack. And because it was so freaking cold outside we also ordered a hot chocolate. Perfect.

Aunt Benny Berlin

Dinner at Qua Phe

This is another restaurant I read about on a Dutch travel blog. This time it was Stéphanie from Expeditieaardbol.nl who wrote an article about the Vietnamese restaurant Qua Phe. I love the Asian kitchen, but I’ve never tasted Vietnamese food. Time to change things up. Immediately when I walked into the door at Qua Phe I liked the interior of this place. Such a cool lamps and seats! It reminded me of the lamps I saw at the Man Mo temple in Hong Kong (more articles about China and Hong Kong coming soon). And the food matched this great interior: served in a rice basket and on a banana leave. Loved it. It made me want to go back to Asia! The only thing I didn’t like about Qua Phe is that they didn’t serve alcohol. Especially when I’m eating dinner I love a good glass of wine or a beer.

Vietnamese restaurant Berlin

Snacks at Markthalle 9

Food markets, a food trend of the last couple of years. Every capital has one. I visited the Hallen in Amsterdam and Borough Market in London. Also Berlin has its own food market: Markthalle 9. Actually, Berlin has a couple of food markets that all come with a number in its name. For example, you have Markthalle 11 with the Turkish shops and Markthalle 10 comes with a little brewery. The halls used to be local daily markets where people bought their fruit and vegetables. Nowadays some halls are turned into trendy food markets. Hall number 9 is the most well-known among the tourists. It organizes cool events such as ‘Streetfood Thursday’. Cheap culinary snacks from all over the world. Sadly the Thursday we visited Berlin it was New Year’s Eve so it was closed. A couple days later we tried it again and this time it was open. No street food for me, but I did ate some nice hearty pies with Indian curry and a big piece of chocolate cake.

Markthalle 9 Berlin

Have you already visited Berlin? What are your favorite hotspots in this city?


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