Despite the cutting cold in Tallinn I enjoyed the city and all it had to offer. A fairytale-like Unesco city center, the characteristic wooden houses of Kalamaja and the abandoned (sometimes creepy) Soviet heritage. Tallinn is a city to my heart and I loved strolling from one area to the other. Sadly spring hadn’t started yet so I had to cope with snow, a cold wind and here and now a wintery sun. Luckily, Tallinn has enough indoor cafes where I could warm myself with some spicy soups and creamy coffee. In this article I will tell you about four of my favorite cafes I visited in the Estonian capital.

F-Hoone – probably the trendiest place in Tallinn

In my previous articles on Tallinn I’ve told you about the Telliskivi complex just a little bit outside the city center. These old factories are now one of the coolest places of Tallinn. The café F-hoone was one of the first restaurants that opened his doors here and it’s safe to say they didn’t regret that decision for one moment. Locals and tourists love to come here to enjoy the industrial look and the mixed menu of international and Eastern European ingredients. And there are also enough options for the vegetarians, gluten free and lactose free eaters among us (and it’s easy to spot on the menu). The interior of F-Hoone is clean, industrial and it reminded me a bit of an old school. Just look at the chairs, they look like the old ones our parents sat on, right?

F-Hoone TallinnTelliskivi 60

Sfäär – little Scandinavia in Tallinn

Tallinn is trendy, and proof of this is the Rotermann Qaurter. This is the home of café Sfäär, which is a concept clothing store slash café. Immediately when you step inside you see the Scandinavian look of this place. The interior is clean, light and white, but because of the soft chairs and the wine and book cabinets it doesn’t come off as bleak. Instead it’s friendly and cozy. I loved having my morning breakfasts here. Calm and easy.

Sfaar TallinnMere puistee 6

Klaus Kohvik – a design café by sea

Klaus Kohvik is the perfect place for a summer afternoon. Because of its location at the sea and the big terrace this would be a perfect spot in the summer. At least I think. I was here when it was still freezing, so I chose a warm seat inside. I was surprised about the design of this place. It feels so cool. Every room has a different set of furniture and quirky details. Just see the mannequin that is standing in the corner as a lamp. Nothing is the same in this place. And the food is pretty good. I had a spicy curry soup and rye bread. Usually I am not a fan of rye bread, but this time I liked it.

Klaus Kohvik TallinnKalasadama 8

Must Puudel – a cozy labyrinth

Did enough walking for one day? Rest your feet at cozy Must Puudel. This is a nice and relaxed spot in the old city center with a mixed crowd of tourists and locals. The space itself feels a bit like a labyrinth. The café is small and has different rooms that cross each other with small stairs. This way Must Puudel offers a lot more space that you initially see when you step inside. I enjoyed a nice mushroom risotto here, perfect to warm my freezing cold belly.

Must puudel TallinnMüürivahe 20

These were my favorites. What are your favorite cafes in Tallinn?


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