Despite the horrible winter cold in Tallinn, I really enjoyed the city and all it had to offer. A fairytale-like Unesco city center, the characteristic wooden houses of Kalamaja, and the abandoned (sometimes creepy) Soviet heritage. Tallinn is a city to my heart and I loved strolling from one area to the other. Sadly, I had to cope with a lot of snow and cold wind. Luckily, Tallinn has a great cafe scene to warm me right up. In this blog post, I’ll share 4 wonderful vegetarian-friendly places to eat in Tallinn. 

F-Hoone – probably the trendiest place in Tallinn

If you have been following my Tallinn blog posts, you probably read about the Telliskivi industrial complex. This is one of the coolest places in Tallinn. F-Hoone was one of the first restaurants that opened its doors here and it’s safe to say they didn’t regret that decision for one moment. Locals and tourists love to come here to enjoy the industrial look and the menu of international and local dishes. And they also offer good options for vegetarians and people with gluten and lactose allergies. Dishes are clearly marked with symbols on the menu to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The interior of F-Hoone is clean and industrial and reminded me of an old school.

Address: Telliskivi 60.

F-Hoone Tallinn

Sfäär – little Scandinavia in Tallinn

Tallinn is super trendy, and proof of this is the Rotermann Quarter. This is the home of cafe Sfäär, a concept clothing store slash cafe. Immediately when you step inside you’ll notice the Scandinavian look of this place. The interior is clean, light, and white, but it still has a warm and inviting feeling because of the soft chairs and the wine and book cabinet. I loved having my morning breakfasts here!

Address: Mere puistee 6.

Sfaar Tallinn

Klaus Kohvik – a design café by sea

Klaus Kohvik is the perfect place for a summer afternoon. Because of the sea location and the big terrace, this would be an ideal spot in the summer. At least I think. When I was there, it was freezing cold. The design of the place is so cool. Every room has a different set of furniture and quirky details. Also, the food is pretty good. I had a spicy vegetarian curry soup and rye bread. Usually, I am not a fan of rye bread, but this time I liked it.

Address: Kalasadama 8.

Klaus Kohvik Tallinn

Must Puudel – a cozy labyrinth

Must Puudel is a nice and relaxed spot in the historical city center with a mixed crowd of tourists and locals. The cafe itself feels a bit like a labyrinth. When you enter the cafe, it looks small. Just keep on walking and you will see the different rooms connected by small stairs. So it’s actually quite big! I enjoyed a nice mushroom risotto here, perfect to warm my freezing-cold body.

Must puudel Tallinn

October 2022: a reader informed me that Must Puudel moved to a new location in the old center (Kuninga 4). He was so kind to share a few photos. It looks nice!

Photos by Silver A.

And there you have it: a little list of vegetarian-friendly places to eat in Tallinn. What are your favorite cafes in Tallinn?


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