Belgium is known for its chocolate. And when people think of chocolate, they’ll think of Bruges. But a great many of the masters of chocolate reside in the capital Brussels. That’s why it’s not possible to leave Brussels without tasting a piece of chocolate. But which chocolate store to choose? I’ve got a tip for you: Le Comptoir de Mathilde.

As I was approaching the Grand Place in Brussels I came across several chocolate shops. In my opinion they all looked the same and offered the same thing. I was missing the atmosphere, the cosiness and the temptation. I had almost given up hope, until I saw Le Comptoir de Mathilde. It drew my attention because of the narrow facade with a window without glass.  In the window there stood a dozen sticks with tiny chunks of chocolate. It offered a wide range of flavors: praline, brownie, macaroons… Just add some warm milk and you’ll have your own custom hot chocolate.

Chocolade Brussel

Further in the store my eyes stumbled upon a new treat: baskets full of chocolate covered with all sort of delicacies: nuts, lavender, blueberries and colorful pastilles. As I made my walk around the store, the shapes of chocolate kept on getting more and more crazy. Pizza’s, lollypops, ipad cases,  construction boxes, scented oil: everything can be made out of chocolate.

Chocolade Brussel

Chocolade Brussek

Chocolade Brussel

Chocolade Brussel

When you’re in Brussels, I recommend visiting Le Comptoir de Mathilde. The wooden caskets and the crumbled off coat of plastering on the wall really gives this store a cozy and unique feeling. On top of that, the baskets with the big chunks of chocolate are a sight for sore eyes. Are you looking for real Belgium chocolate? Then you should not visit Le Comptoir de Mathilde. This shops originally comes from France. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to take a peek inside.

Le Comptoir de Mathilde, Boterstraat 17 1000 Brussels


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