Are you new to my blog and are you curious how my content was created? Let me explain you a little bit about it:

  • All destinations you find on Go Live Go Travel are places that I have visited. I think that it is important in order to write about a destination you also have to have been there. For this reason I do not collaborate with organisations who want to publish advertorials or press releases about destinations I have not been to. Furthemore, please note that I am not a professional travel experts. I write my articles based on my own experience.
  • 99% of my trips I pay myself. If my trip is sponsered, I alway mention this in my articles.
  • All texts and photos appearing on this website are the exclusive property of Golivegotravel.nl, except where stated otherwise. The photographs may not be copied, manipulated or reproduced in any way without explicit permission.
  • The articles I publish at Go Live Go Travel are carefully put together and created with love. Still, sometimes I make a little mistake or travel information (entrance fees, bus information, exchange rates, etc.) changes after I publish the article. If you spot any falseness on my blog, you can always let me know. I would really appreciate this!
  • I do not collaborate with organisations that do not fit my blog or audience.

If you have questions? Send me an email via info@golivegotravel.nl.