Are you new to my blog and are you curious about how my content is created? In this disclaimer, I’ll share more information about the blogging process.

This disclaimer refers to GoLiveGoTravel.nl.

  • Every destination that you find on Go Live Go Travel is a place that I have personally visited. Sometimes I collaborate with travel companies on the road. For example, I join a tour free of charge in exchange for a blog post. I only collaborate with companies that are a logical match with Go Live Go Travel. Moreover, I will always let you know if a blog post is a result of a collaboration. In the Netherlands, I’m also legally required to do so and to let my readers know when a blog post is an advertorial.
  • All blog posts are written by me and cover destinations where I’ve personally been. My goal for this blog is to write about personal experiences. For this reason, I do not collaborate with companies that want to publish advertorials on this blog about destinations that I have not been to. Also, please note that I am not a professional travel expert. My posts are based on my own experience.
  • My trips are 99% funded by me, myself, and I. If my trip is sponsored, I will always include this in my blog posts.
  • Sometimes I will publish sponsored blog posts. These are paid collaborations in which a company asks me to write about a destination or a product.  I only collaborate with companies that are a 100% match with Go Live Go Travel. I will also mention the collaboration in the blog post.
  • Some blog posts contain affiliate links. These are links to handy travel websites that I want to recommend to my readers.  Full transparency: if you book something through these links, I earn a small commission. This doesn’t cost you anything extra; you’ll help me maintain this blog.
  • When I use an affiliate link for a hotel, I sometimes include the overall review rating. Please note that this can change after publication. It’s only meant to give you an idea of the general impression of a hotel.
  • All texts and photos appearing on this website are the exclusive property of Golivegotravel.nl, except where stated otherwise. The photographs may not be copied, manipulated, or reproduced without explicit permission.
  • The blog posts that I publish on Go Live Go Travel are carefully put together and created with love. Still, sometimes I make a mistake or travel information changes after I publish the post. Entrance fees could go up, train schedules can always change, and restaurants can go out of business. If you spot a mistake on my blog, please let me know.

Do you have any questions? Send me an email via info@golivegotravel.nl.