3x street art in Poland

You probably didn’t know this, but the Polish cities are filled with street art. Even better, you can find one of the most beautiful street art cities in the world in Poland: Lódz! Sadly I didn’t visit Lódz, so I cannot tell you how amazing it is. A reason for me to come back soon….

Polen krakau

Krakow: discover the Polish city with these 4 districts

It’s been fifteen years since Krakow was named Cultural Capital of Europe. Already then the city was full of character and today this hasn’t changed. With her crooked streets and cobblestone alleys it’s still a charm to wander around. Despite the tragic and devastating past the city has kept its historical look. Proof is the medieval centre and…

Kabouter Wroclaw

Tip Wroclaw: go on a gnome hunt

Last time I wrote about the most beautiful square in Wroclaw, the Rynek. You can easily spend a whole day staring at the picturesque townhouses. But of course, Wroclaw offers so much more. To explore this city, you can go a city walk or take a bicycle tour. Very informative, but also a bit boring…

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