A trip to India is a guarantee for beautiful photos. This country is incredibly photogenic, especially the province of Rajasthan. The home of the men with colorful turbans and women dressed in pink or purple saris. Color is everywhere in Rajasthan! The Pink City of Jaipur, the White City of Udaipur, and the Golden City of Jaisalmer. In this blog post, I want to highlight another colorful Rajasthani city: Jodhpur. Known under two names: the sunny city, as Jodhpur is one of the hottest cities in India, and the Blue City, as it has a blue city center. These 15 pictures will show you just how blue Jodhpur is.

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The mystery of blue city Jodhpur

So, why is the center of Jodhpur blue? Well, there are a couple of theories.

  1. Religious theory: the former residents belonged to the Brahmin class – the highest class in Indian Hindu society – and they painted their houses blue to distinguish themselves from the rest. That’s why these houses are called ‘Brahmin Houses’.
  2. Mythical explanation: the founder of the city, Rao Jodha, gave orders to paint the houses around the fort blue so that it looked like he had an ocean view.
  3. Practical thinking: the blue color protected the houses against mosquitos and termites and keeps the houses cool. Something that is pretty useful in the hottest city of India.

In the end, we don’t know the real reason behind the blue color. But whatever the logic was, it gave us this beautiful blue decor to enjoy today.

Jodhpur India blue
blue streets jodhpur india
Blue India Rajasthan Jodhpur
Blue Jodhpur India
blue street jodhpur

Not everything is blue

The nickname Blue City can give the wrong impression. Not everything is blue. Only the houses around the Mehrangarh Fort are painted blue. The majority of the city is not blue and looks like an ordinary Indian city. So, it is better to speak of a blue district than a blue city. And also in the blue parts, there are houses painted in other colors: soft green, pastel pink, orange, and more. So there you have it, the reality of the ‘Blue City’ Jodhpur. It is more a mixture of soft pastel colors with a dominant role for the color blue.

Jodhpur blue India
blue city jodhpur india
Jodhpur blue India
jodhpur blue city india
Blue India Jodhpur Rajasthan

Watch the doors

I’m a door lover, and Jodhpur has many quaint colorful doors. Some have a Rajasthani bow at the top, others have a floral garland around the door. You also see some doors with painted hands next to it on the wall. I don’t know the exact thought behind this, but I think it refers to the Sati ceremony. This is an old practice where the widow sacrifices herself after her husband has passed away.

deuren Jodhpur India
deuren India jodhpur

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