I loved my time in Hong Kong. It was the perfect ending after a long trip through China. This city was everything I expected from it and more. It has so much to offer: culture, nature, islands, and amazing viewpoints. On top of that, the weather is always good, even in winter, the temperature doesn’t drop below 15 degrees. In this blog post, I would like to show you all my favorite things to do in Hong Kong. And let me know what your favorites in Hong Kong are!

Up, up, away!

  • With the tram to The Peak: a must do in Hong Kong is taking the well-known red cable tram to The Peak. This tram slowly climbs the hills and comes across hidden streets and surprisingly a lot of trees and plants. When we arrived at the top, the area was packed with tourists and the sky was filled with selfiesticks. So you might have to be patient to find a good spot.
  • With the Ngong Ping 360 funicular to Tian Tan Buddha: cannot get enough of the picture perfect views? Than you should definitely take the Ngong Ping 360 funicular to Lantau island. The cabins come in two versions: a standard cabine and a crystal cabine with a glass floor. I chose the standard version, because the 25 minute ride was already a lot to handle for me. I am afraid of heights and the wind during the cable cart ride was a bit frightening. But still, the views were awesome.
Hong Kong views things to do
One of the best things to do in Hong Kong: visiting the Peak and Tian Tian Buddha.

Entrance fees

  • Tickets for the Peak Tram: a single ticket for the tram is 37 HK dollar, return is 52 HK dollar. Return tram ticket + entrance Sky terrace 428 = 99 HK dollar.
  • You can also buy a seperate entrance ticket at the Peak for the Sky Terrrace 428 (private observation deck). Price is 52 HK dollar.
  • Entrance Ngong Ping funicular: single ticket with a standard cabine is 160 HK dollar. Return is 235 HK dollar.

Take in the local culture at the Hong Kong temples

  • The Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery: time to explore some culture! One of the most impressive temples in Hong Kong is the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery. Since the episodes of the Dutch program ‘Wie is de Mol’ in Hong Kong I have this special place stuck in my mind. It is not located in the city center (but easy to go to by metro) and the entrance is a bit confusing (don’t walk to the cemetery!), but you know you’re there when you’re there. The pink sides of the steps with the golden chain of Buddhas immediately caughts the eye!
  • The temples of the Nan Lian gardens: in the middle of the shopping area of Kowloon there is a unique park that is the home to a couple of gorgeous temples. One of them is the Golden Pagode. When you see this temple, you would almost think that you’re in Japan or South Korea. Don’t forget to visit the Chi Lin Nun Monastery, super tranquil!
  • Man Mo Temple: the Man Mo temple is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong and is a real contrast with the business district where it is located. While the bankers run from meeting to meeting (I imagine), this temple offers quietness. The Man Mo temple has a stuning spiritual and mystical look.
Hong Kong tempels
Hong Kong things to do temples

Explore Hong kong’s city markets

  • Flower and bird market: Hong Kong’s flower market isn’t actually a market, it is more a long street with flower shops that show their best pieces on the street. At the end of the street there is the bird market. This is a small park where the seniors of the city come together to show their best singing birds. You don’t buy here anything, you just look at the birds and the proud owners.
  • Antique market: are you looking for some special things, then you might want to take a look at the Cat Street Market near Hollywood Road. The name is a bit confusing, because they don’t sell any cats here. Cat Street Market used to be the place where they sold stolen goods and the people who bought these goods were called ‘cats’. Today Cat Street Market is an antique market, where you can find all sorts of things like red stars, old coins and Chinese porcelain.
  • Ladies market and Temple Street night market: the Ladies Market and the Temple Street Night Market are the big (touristic) bazaars in Hong Kong. Locals and tourists like to come here to shop for clothing, watches, toys and souvenirs. The difference between the two markets is that Ladies markets is open during the day and the market at the Temple street during the night.
Hong Kong markets things to do

Get out of the city!

  • Tai O Fishing village at Lantau Island: you might not know this, but hip and trending Hong Kong used to be a fishing community 150 years ago. Because of the many islands this city has – Hong Kong has 263 islands – fishermen have always played an important role. They lived in stilt houses so they were always near the fish but also on land. You can still see a couple of these stilt houses, for example on Lantau Island. Here you can visit the fishing village Tai O. Great for a stroll along the stilt and tin houses.
  • Hiking on the Dragon’s back: hiking in Hong Kong? Yes, that is possible. Hong Kong is surrounded by lush green hills. One of the most well-known hikes is the 8,5 kilometer long Dragon’s Back trail in the Shek O Country Park. The hike can be done within three hours and takes you up to the winding path over the back of the hills. This part was my favorite, because it offers a great view of the coast. Sadly, the weather changed abruptly during our hike. When we got to the top, lightning struck which was the start of torrential rain.
Hong Kong islands things to do

Where to stay in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong can be an expensive place when it comes to accommodations. We booked a private room in a hostel for 70 euros per night. It was super small, we could hardly put our luggage in it. I wouldn’t book it again. Better options are Travelodge Central Hollywood Road (rated with an 8,5 on Booking.com) or OZO Wesley Hong Kong (also an 8,5 on Booking.com).

Click here for an overview of hotels in Hong Kong.

What are your favorite things to do in Hong Kong?

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