Morocco is a pretty good destination for vegetarians and vegans. I actually saw quite a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Essaouira and Marrakech. I am sure that in Essaouira this has everything to do with the hippie movement of the 60s and Marrakech is a popular tourist destination with a wide range of restaurants. Are you a vegetarian or vegan and do you want to go a holiday to Morocco? Maybe this list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the two most popular Moroccan cities will help you out.

Vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Essaouira, Morocco

Le Corail at Latifa

This restaurant is my absolute favorite. I visited this place twice and every time it was delicious. It is located on square Place Chrib Atay, which I secretly named the vegan heaven of Essaouira. You can find at least three restaurants here with a 100% vegan menu. This made my life easier because I did not have to ask about every single ingredient in the dish. Moreover, the menu had like twenty tagine options, so there is always something for everyone. The owners are not big talkers. Very calm and reserved, but when we got the bill it always came with a small gift: a keychain or bracelet. You can find Le Corail at Latifa here.

La Corail at Latifa Essaouira Morocco
Being a vegetarian or vegan on holiday in Morocco is not difficult.


I think this is the most popular restaurant in Essaouira. In peak season you cannot eat here without a reservation. The first evening we tried to eat at this place, but it was fully booked. The next evening we came back, this time with a reservation for a table. Apparently, they have a different menu every day, so the food can never get boring. There were a couple of vegetarian dishes on the menu, which could also be made vegan. Of course, you never know if it is going to be 100% vegan (do they replace the butter with oil?), but it is the effort that counts for me. The staff is really friendly and the design of the place is stunning. You can find Triskala here.

Triskala Essaouira

Mega Loft

Loft is a well-known place in Essaouira. It is hip and trendy, you probably have seen photos of this place on Instagram or Pinterest. Then again, the design is stunning. So I get it. You actually have two Loft restaurants in Essaouira, a small lunch cafe, and a three-story high restaurant at the main street of the souk. For vegetarians, both restaurants are good options. As for vegans, you only have one option: Mega Loft. I went for the vegan platter, which I liked so much that I came back for it a second time. You can find Mega Loft here.

Megaloft Morocco Essaouira

Chez Khadija

Chez Khadija is a restaurant that feels like eating in someone’s living room. It is run by one woman – I presume her name is Khadija – but we could not ask. She only spoke French or Arab-Berber and we only spoke English. And so the interaction was mainly pointing at the menu and a lot of hand signals. Luckily, the menu (in French) was vegetarian, so I only had to pay attention to ingredients such as cheese. We chose a tagine dish, but this time it was a sweet version filled with dry fruit, almonds, dates, and figs. It was delicious! You can find Chez Khadija here. Only a Happy Cow listing for this cafe, it seems impossible to find on Google.

CHez Khadija Essaouira Morocco

YOO Healty Food

Morocco is the land of the juices. Menus often show a wide variety of juices. YOO is specialized in slow juices, but it also offers sandwiches, salads, and frozen yogurt. Unfortunately not with soy yogurt, so I could not try this.  It’s a small cafe, hidden in a cute alley of the medina. You can find YOO here.

Yoo Essaouira

Rue Boutouil – soy coffee & breakfast

Looking for a coffee with soy milk? Go to BistrO Cafe at the Rue Boutouil. This is the only cafe in Essaouira that I have found that serves a soy cappuccino. Across this cafe, you’ll find Cafe Taraa where we came every day for breakfast.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Marrakesh, Morocco

Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe is one of the few restaurants in Marrakech with a fully vegetarian or vegan menu. You can actually find two Earth Cafes in the medina. Interesting fact: the cafe is run by women only. From the cook to the waiter: it is all female. We were received with great hospitality and even though no one spoke English, I still liked the atmosphere very much. Also important: the food was pretty good! You can find Earth Cafe here.

earth cafe morocco


Rooftop restaurant NOMAD is located in the midst of the souk at Place Rahba Kedima. It is the location that makes this place so great. The souk can be an intense place: the narrow streets, the vendors, and tourist crowds. The rooftop terrace of NOMAD offers a place to escape it all for just a little while. NOMAD is a true hipster hotspot and you see that reflected in the prices. Prices are a bit higher than at other places, but I feel that you also pay for the view a little bit. You can find NOMAD here.

NOMAD Marrakesh Morocco

Cafe Clock

Introducing the diversity of Moroccan culture through music, art, and food. That was the ambition of Mike Richardson when he opened Cafe Clock in Fez. Shortly after the opening, a second Cafe Clock opened in Marrakech. You can come here for lunch or dinner, listen to live music in the evening or take a cooking class. I was inspired by the way Cafe Clock is giving back to the local community. All staff members can take English language courses at the American Language Center and a part of the profits is donated to local foundations that advocate education for everyone. You can find Cafe Clock here.

Clock Cafe Marrakesh

Henna Art Cafe

Another socially engaged gem in the Medina of Marrakech is the Henna Art Cafe. A restaurant, henna tattoo salon, and cultural foundation all in one. The mission of this cafe is to provide free education for local residents of all ages. This can range from language classes English, German or Spanish to mathematics and theater lessons. Again, a beautiful initiative where tourists can be a part of by simply eating here or getting henna. The menu offers something for everyone: meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. Good to know for dinner: the kitchen closes at 20.30. So don’t arrive here too late. You can find Henna Art Cafe here.

Henna Art Cafe Marrakesh

General Travel tips for vegetarians and vegans

  • Install the app Happy Cow or take a look at their website. They offer a wide selection of vegetarian or vegan restaurants. You can search for 100% vegan restaurants or restaurants that offer vegetarian or vegan options. Very useful!
  • Morocco is the land of tajine and couscous. Most restaurants have a vegetable version on the menu. Soup can also be a great option. Take for instance the Harira soup, made from chickpeas, tomatoes, and lentils.
  • Morocco is also the land of dry fruits. I love dates and figs and that is something that is eaten a lot in Morocco. As a snack, but also as an ingredient for a meal. Delicious!
  • Bread and crepes are okay: a typical Moroccan breakfast often has bread, Msemmen (crepe), or Beghrir (also a crepe). Usually, this is prepared without milk and eggs, but sometimes it is baked in butter. Check if you want to be sure.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and do you want to visit Morocco?


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