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Who writes this blog?

That would be me. Hi! My name is Esther, I’m 26 years old and I live in Haarlem. I was born and raised on a farm, but from an early age on I knew the farmers’ life wasn’t for me. It’s kind of difficult to love it when you’re allergic to pretty much every animal. But what I also knew is that I loved the world and its many countries around me. Particularly one country spiked my interest: Russia. A country so big that it needed two pages in the atlas. I thought to myself I had to find out more about this country. So a couple of years later I decided to study European Studies with a minor in Russian languages and in 2014 I planned my big trip through Russia. From then on the travel bug got to me. Countries like Thailand, Ukraine and China followed and the list of future travel destinations just keeps on getting longer and longer. Step by step I’m seeing more bits of this world. I love traveling through Central and Eastern Europe, but also Asia and South America are on my list. The sunny islands of Indonesia, the ancient Silk Road or swinging Brazil, I would love to see it all.

Why ‘Go Live Go Travel’?

I started this travel blog out of frustration with daily life. Every week we work our butts off to get to that Friday afternoon, we toast to the weekend, but then we are bummed when it’s Sunday evening again and we have to get ready for a new week. I asked myself, how could I make this better for myself? By using my free time in a better way and start traveling more! Traveling is the thing that gives me positive energy, I discover new things and make new friends from all over the world. That’s why my blog is called: Go Live, Go Travel! Start living and get yourself out there into the world.

On this blog I collect all my travel stories. You can read about my short day trips in the Netherlands or Belgium but I also tell you about trips to Asia or further. During my travels I always look for the ideal combination of the popular sights and the not so popular sights. For instance in London I visited the Big Ben (like so many) but I also went to a local Hindu temple in the suburbs. Why stick with the things you know when there is so much more to see?

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