Hi! My name is Esther and together with my boyfriend I went on a long overland trip in 2019 and 2020. We said goodbye to our apartment, quit our jobs, and sold or gave away all of our stuff. All with the goal to start the journey of our lives: traveling overland with public transportation from the Netherlands to Indonesia. During this incredible journey, we only boarded an airplane once: to return to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic made it impossible to continue to Indonesia and we had to return back home.

Not your everyday destinations

Letโ€™s back up first, because where did this plan come from? Well, I love to travel. Together with my boyfriend, I have traveled to countries such as Russia, India, China, and Colombia. Traveling gives me energy, stimulates and opens my mind to new things. I love to explore other cultures, explore every church, mosque, or temple out there and learn about different ways of life.

Esther in Armenie

Destinations that are lesser known to the greater public are my favorites. I like to travel where the masses don’t go. For example along the edges of the former Soviet Union to countries like Ukraine, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.

Responsible and positive travel

This travel blog is a collection of my travel stories and photos. My goal is to inspire future travelers and share useful tips about prices or transportation. I try to travel in a sustainable and responsible way. This means that I often take public transportation, I eat vegan or vegetarian, I filter my own drinking water and I do not participate in any animal entertainment whatsoever. Every little thing helps in creating a better world. I truly believe that traveling has a positive impact, on me as a traveler and on the local community. I learn new things, the local community learns as well and they earn a little bit of money.