Taj Mahal

Looking back on travel year 2017

Travel year 2017 in a few keywords: new discoveries, a couple of big trips and lots of Dutch street art. I added five new destinations to my list (India, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro), but I also revisited some destinations (Russia and Cologne). In retrospect it strikes me that my travels were concentrated within two periods. From January…


Bosnia & Herzegovina: scars of Sarajevo

Sarajevo is not only known for its multicultural character, the city is often referred to as the city of the war. This refers to the Bosnian war, part of the series of Yugoslav wars after the collapse of the People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. How did this war start? In 1992, the Bosnian government organized an independence referendum. The Bosnian Muslims and the Bosnian…

Sri Lanka rondreis

Sri Lanka at a glance: our route of 10 days

Sri Lanka was our dessert. After 2,5 weeks of India we were looking for relaxation. India is amazing, but also loud, chaotic and at some point exhausting. We wanted to combine this destination with a counterpart and tranquil Sri Lanka was the perfect match. This small island with its many beaches and Buddhist culture offered…

Demodara brug Sri Lanka Ella

Sri Lanka: green mountain town Ella

Ella was our first real acquaintance with Sri Lanka. I don’t count the arrival at the airport in Colombo and the short first night in Negombo. In the preparations of the trip in Sri Lanka I already read that a lot of travelers like Ella. It is characterised as a relaxed town. After my visit…

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